What is the Electoral College?


The election of the US presidential candidate can be called the most complicated election in the world. In the US, the election of the president is not done by direct popular vote but by another method called ‘Electoral College’.

In the United States, the popular vote is important, but it is not necessary that the candidate who gets the most popular votes sit in the most important position in the country.

It is difficult to understand the process used in the US election, what is an electoral college? Why these are more important than the public vote and the most important thing is how the process works.It also offered the alternative streaming website likewise https://zoomblog.org/.

A voter is more apt to believe that his vote counted when a percentage of popular votes is taken into account rather than the “all or nothing” system in existence in most states.

What is the Electoral College?

The Electoral College is a group of 538 members elected by the people who are elected by the voters on the day of the election and later change the name of the Electoral College and then cast their votes for the election of the new President.

A total of 538 Electoral College members are elected from all 50 states of the United States and the capital, Washington. ۔

Out of these 538 Electoral Colleges, if 270 members vote for any candidate, he will become the new President of the country. Electoral College has been operating in US elections for 300 years and registered voters over 18 years of age Choose

The members of the Electoral College have already been nominated by the political parties. The election of the Electoral College is like a political party nominating its candidate for an election. Regarding the Electoral College, it is certain that the members never lose. ۔

When do Electoral Colleges vote?

In the state in which the candidate wins, most of the electoral votes go to him, but the members of the Electoral College formally cast their votes in the month of December. In the recent election, the members of the Electoral College officially cast their votes in December. The votes are counted on January 6, after which the success of a candidate is finally confirmed.

How does the Electoral College elect the President?

Electoral College members’ method of casting their votes varies from state to state. Sometimes election results are contrary to expectations. Electoral College members from ordinary states vote for the candidate who is more popular than the state. Votes will be cast, meaning that if a presidential candidate receives all the public votes from the state of California, all members of the Electoral College there will vote for him.

But electoral colleges in every state are not bound to vote for the same candidate.

It should be noted that this had happened before in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton had won more public votes, but due to low turnout in the Electoral College, she could not become president.

What if candidates get the same Electoral College vote?

Coincidentally, if the presidential candidate gets the same number of Electoral College votes, then the members of the House of Representatives will vote for the election of the President.

What happens to the members of the Electoral College after the election?

Electoral members are ordinary people who reside in the state from which they are elected. After the presidential election, the members of the Electoral College automatically lose their importance and become ordinary people. The members of the Electoral College are only one. Once elected and new members are elected in the next election, it is a condition for a member of the Electoral College that he should not be a member of any legislature or hold any public office.

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