Common hair problems that we want to rid of

Today, almost everyone suffers from a bad hair day. Hair is the most important part of one’s beauty and it not complements a woman’s look but also reveals a part of their personality and inner beauty. Most women are obsessed with their hair. But the fact is that maintaining a healthy hair is difficult with all these pollution. We tend to spend a lot of time everyday taking care of their hair because the ultimate goal is to have great looking hair.

Some common hair problems are there which can become a real trouble for us. Main problems like split ends, dandruff, gray hair or greasy hair are difficult to deal with. Nowadays, how to treat hair problemsis something that most of us look for but we have to know what exactly these problems are. So, below are some common hair problems.

  1. Dandruff is a common problem. It is mainly the dead and flaky skin cells from the scalp that clings to the root of our hair. It can be caused because of a poor diet, infection or even mental stress. Using a ketomac dandruff shampoo can reduce the growth of dandruff.
  2. Another problem is that of hair loss or thinning of hair. This is common among men and it may be male pattern balding. Hair loss among women can be the result of stress, strong medication side effect or hormonal change. Even the usage of harsh chemical based hair products like hair creams, hair gels or sprays can also cause hair loss. Avoid using these products and also the application of heat.
  3. We think that shampooing too often may speed up the process of cleansing our hair but this is not at all true. Shampooing our hair too often makes it even dry. It tends to strip away the hair strands from its natural oils. Use a ketomac shampoo which gently cleanses your hair at an interval of every three days. Hot oil treatments can also reduce the dryness of hair.
  4. Frizzy hair is a common problem among many girls these days. It tends to make the hair look dull. It is caused when the moisture level of our hair reduces than it should be in case of normal hair. Hair styling products or using too much curlers and straighteners can cause dull hair leading to frizzy hair.
  5. Hair damage due to the application of colors is another common hair problem. Using these colors on hair tends to open our hair shaft. It leaves our hair porous making it more brittle and prone to breakage. Consult a professional hair colorist before coloring your hair. Use colors with moisturizers.
  6. Gray hair is a problem that even teenagers are facing today. It may be hereditary. But to get rid of it use natural hair dyes.

Hair problems are sometimes hereditary and tend to increase due to the pollution. Tackling with them can be difficult but eating healthy foods and using natural products on the hair can solve all your problems.

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