Reasons You Need Food Display Cabinets to Ensure Your Catering Business’ Success

The catering business is one of those enjoying a significant boom these days, which is no surprise why more and more new entrepreneurs are trying their luck in it. Whether you go for a catering business to open up a new restaurant one day or just into it because you happen to love cooking and entertaining, one of the most important things you need to learn is showcasing your food in the best and most visible way possible to gain new clients and customers.

A great display of food never fails to entice customers and encourage them to buy even if they had no plans of doing so. It also gives your place of business a welcoming feel and makes the customers feel that they’ve just entered Grandma’s kitchen and can partake of any pies or cakes that she has cooling on the shelves. Display cases also come in a variety of types – hot displays, cold displays, open or encased in glass. Whatever food display cabinet you choose, there’s always one that will suit your needs and requirements.

When choosing the best display for your business, you first need to consider three things: function, efficiency and appearance. Function-wise, you need to determine exactly what kind of display will you need – hot, cold or multi-temperature? If you are after energy-efficiency, you will need to choose displays that don’t use up a lot of lighting, heating or cooling to make sure you don’t waste energy and pay lower bills which can take up a huge chunk of your operational expenses.

And of course, you won’t want to choose a display that does anything but showcase your food in the most enticing way possible, as well as a display that doesn’t protect your food like it should. The whole point of purchasing display cabinets after all is to be able to show your food in its best state to entice customers to buy them.

Also, the best food displays help ensure your food stays fresh for as long as necessary and doesn’t spoil easily. If your restaurant serves wines, sodas and juice or has a salad bar, you need to make sure you buy display cabinets with a condensation evaporator and a self-contained air cooling unit for maximum efficiency. In the same light, hot food looks even more tempting with a display case that has rotating shelves and ample lighting to show the food in its best appearance. It should also have ample temperature to keep the food warm every time it is going to be served.

To make the most of your food displays, you will need to remember as well a few important key points. When displaying cold food, temperatures should be at 5 degrees Celsius or colder while hot food must be kept at 60 degree Celsius or hotter. You also need to know that hot food displays are not meant to cook or heat food for more than necessary. Make sure the cooked food reaches a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius before being stored in the food display.

Also food displays are part of the guidelines set by the health department in order to make sure your customers are not served spoiled food that can lead to food poisoning and other food-related issues.

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