Worth Having Android Applications for Parents!

To be parents is not an easy task. You always stay worried about your children. Even if you know that they are safe and not into any wrong doings; you try to be double sure. Have you ever tried to take help of applications to keep an eye on your kids and their activities?

You know what you can easily come across the applications on android that are effective, useful and really handy for the parents. The cool thing about these apps is that these are not difficult to use and hence your parents can smoothly use them. Before you go through a few of the apps below it would be good if you do 9apps fast download first. It is because this third party play store named 9apps would get you all the applications and you would not have to go to different places to look for apps.

Norton Family parental control

Norton Mobile has designed this good app. you all know that Norton is a recognized brand in the Anti-Virus market. The app is one of the better applications to track the online activities of your kids. You can easily track which website pages your children have visited or tried to visit. You can also easily block the inappropriate websites so that the kids cannot visit. A customised e-mail service is going to give you a notification whenever your kid tries to visit a platform and web page that he/ she should not use. The application would make you the watchdog for sure!

Kids Place: Parental Control

Through this powerful app, parents can without any additional effort control the mobile app usage so that their children cannot make use of the device in a dangerous or destructive manner. Parents can easily lock some of the installed applications and ensure that kids are not entering that lane. They can even limit download authority, phone calls and even that of text messaging of smart device. This application has a wonderful feature; in case kid accidently exits from any app parents can comfortably auto restart the app from where it got ceased. Once you have this app on your device both your kids and you can have a safe time.

Screen Time Parental Control

This is another popular application that people are using extensively. Screen Time Labs has formed this app to get you a precise data of how much time gets spend with your smart device. Screen Time is a great match for a family that has teenage kids. The platform can enable you to set a time restriction on your smart device on the periodical basis so that you can bind the usage of the device. The app has a great remote control feature and by making use of this feature parents can monitor and take good care of the use of maximum six kids.


So, you have to check these apps out and make sure that your kids are not getting into any activities that aren’t appropriate for them.

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